Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Shitbags and Stoopit Regulators

People should have gone to jail for this:

Medical Office Responsible For Transmitting Hepatitis C To Patients Can Reopen

The Santa Barbara medical office of Dr. Allen Thomashefsky may reopen after it was shut down for unsafe injection practices.
The Public Health Department for Santa Barbara County released the following statement:
"Santa Barbara County Health Officer, Charity Dean, MD, MPH, has rescinded the Health Officer Order closing the medical office of Dr. Allen Thomashefsky. This action follows a number of measures that have been implemented to assure infection control practices are maintained at the medical office.
The Health Officer Order closing the medical office was implemented on March 19, 2015, after an inquiry revealed that the Hepatitis C virus may have been transmitted between patients and that appropriate and standard infection control precautions were not being practiced. Since that time, a number of key actions have been taken by Dr. Thomashefsky including adopting a detailed and extensive Infection Control Manual, hiring a consultant who will be monitoring infection control practices on an ongoing basis, and local monitoring by Public Health officials."
Genetic testing of Dr. Thomashefsky's former patients revealed at least four people who had procedures at his office the same day tested positive for Hepatitis C. A fifth may have contracted the deadly disease prior to treatment.
Dr. Thomashefky's practice is still limited in Oregon.
The Oregon and California Medical Boards are still investigating the case.

People are going to die from medical malfeasance, but what the hell? Give the assholes another chance.

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