Tuesday, July 28, 2015


SOB, say what???

My lovely wife of 34 years sent me to Wendy's this evening. She wanted a "Son of Baconator" and I thought, "yeah, right. do I look stoopit?". I was sure I wouldn't have to say those words, until I arrived at Wendy's and was greeted with an impossible number of "Baconator" ads...then I was unsure if I could say those words. I managed to stutter them out between guffaws until the invisible waitress inquired if I would like a "Son of Baconator Combo". Is this English? Or am I being spoofed? WTF? Can I get "Sister of Baconator", too? A combo used to be a musical group. A "Baconator" sounds like a fat movie anti-hero. Seriously, who the fuck thinks this shit up? If I had ever said "Son of Baconator Combo" to my grandfather, I would still have a bruise on the side of my head. Hey, onward and upward. American culture reaches a new low.

Saturday, July 4, 2015