Saturday, October 31, 2009


Not to be a killjoy, (what a quaintly dispiriting word), let's consider Halloween. Total U.S. spending is expected to reach 4.75 billion dollars in 2009. This figure cannot include health care, pollution costs, lost productivity, crime, enhanced law enforcement costs, gasoline, waste management, the price of fear or the implicit waste of keeping paper in the outhouse. Excuse me, but celebrating Pagan/Gaelic/Pseudo-Christian mythology by giving away M&M's just gives me an excuse to eat too much candy. Now, where did I put the candy corn?


Experience is a lousy teacher. Random and capricious at best. Failure, when tolerable, yields a higher premium.

Thanks to the ABL for this pic:


Is anybody out there? Can we be frank? What the hell am I doing here? I can't type. I have no academic credentials. Creativity runs away when it sees me. But thanks to Al Gore and the magic of Intel, here I am. Good to see you. Stop in, have a smoke, drop me a line & remember, "It's all bullshit & it's bad for you". George Carlin.