Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Word Games

ABL has a nice rant about, well, stoopit. Classic ABL and worth the read.

I left a comment and need to define one of the terms I used, Spongin:
The arcane sport of backwashing bong water through the stem of the bong. This is usually accomplished by making some obscenely hilarious comment at the apex of the toke and buzz. Distance is the determining factor in the competition, but points will be awarded for volume. Accuracy is not important as form is always weighted more heavily. Points are deducted for unburned weed that is expelled. Bong drop results in instant disqualification and forfeiture of the competitors bag. Most professional sponginers retire by the age of 25 due to lung disorders and work mandated urine tests*.

*(Many retired sponginers have reported success using spongin techniques during these tests.)

I hope this clears the fog everything up.

*** Update:  (The "heads" of the largest international smoking organizations have, today, classified Spongin as a full contact sport. Respect at last.)

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