Saturday, November 27, 2010

Willie Is The Man (One of them)

Same old Willie. Got to love him.

Willie Nelson Arrested for Pot Possession

'He said he feels great,' Nelson's harmonica player tells Rolling Stone. 'He lost six ounces.'

Run, Johnny, Run... 

Kentucky 'King of Pot' On The Run 2 Years After Giant Raid 
SPRINGFIELD, Ky. — With authorities closing in to seize 2,400 marijuana plants on John Robert Boone's farm two years ago, the legendary Kentucky outlaw vanished like a puff of smoke. The prolific grower has been dodging the law ever since, his folk-hero status growing with every sale of a "Run, Johnny, Run" T-shirt and click on his Facebook fan page.
Tracking down the fugitive who resembles a tattooed Santa Claus has proven as hard as "trying to catch a ghost" for the federal authorities canvassing tightlipped residents among the small farms in a rural area southeast of Louisville. Boone, who's trying to avoid the life sentence he would get if convicted a third time of growing pot, has plenty of sympathizers in an area where many farmers down on their luck have planted marijuana.
"That's all he's ever done, raising pot," said longtime friend Larry Hawkins, who owns a bar and restaurant called Hawk's Place. "He never hurt nobody."
 G/L, Johnny.

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