Friday, November 12, 2010

I Got the Answer!

Well, I did. Have. Fucking rethugs is sneakin' around here stealin' my answers. Y'all see 'em? Got to be here, somewhere. Don't matter what the assholes McCainites say, the answers is here and it don't take a lot of blood letting to find them. Pain caucus, my skinny white ass. These asshats (see I used it) don't know pain from a bad blowjob. (Is blowjob supposed to be one word?).

It ain't contrary that has got us to this point, it's hate. It ain't just hate, it's hatin' the wrong peeps. One another. 99% of US are getting dealt down by the other 1%, but we love Bill and Warren and Carly and Lloyd and LeBron and KO and Oprah and Lilo and I'm getting the shits from this. But we hate the poor fuckers who have to get by on "public assistance", or unemployment, or lose their home, or have any other normal life threatening situation that we would prohibit our pets from having to endure. To paraphrase Gandhi, I like America, but I don't like our Americans. A little charity is tax deductible will go a long way.

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