Friday, November 12, 2010

Repeat After Me

Despite the purported insanity and impending doom stalking us all, I would like to be totally miscreant in my outlook tonight. Some folk would call me loaded. They would be presumptuous, if correct.

Ya see, I got these two sons I really like and don't deserve and they got five kids, too. We all get along like a bunch of ho's at a crack party, so that ain't the subject here. What I mean to do is talk about my youngest son and a little change in the world that might not fit in with the we're all gonna die crowd.

He's a big guy, a weight lifter and a cook at a retirement home. One of the kindest people I have met. He will turn 23 when I post this on 11/12/2010. He will drive an hour and a half and work 12 hours. Then he will go home to his girl and 2 sons, maybe get in an hour of WOW. If you read this, Happy Birthday, son.

I know many other young folks with the same level of commitment as Travis. It ain't time to go all Apocalyptic, yet. I believe in these people because they are better than me.

Repeat after me:  
This means we have succeeded. Our children are better than us.

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