Thursday, November 11, 2010

Midterm Mystery

The Angry Black Lady has a spirited post concerning the Midterms which I don't pretend to understand much of. This is my fault. Much of her spectacular prose concerned some uppity dicks on television and we don't get TV here (out of choice). My ignorance almost pains me, but not enough to fucking do business with that English dude who owns most of American television. Beyond that, she tries to point out that the difference between dems and rethugs is...that we're different. This is not a facetious point, it is the point. Only rethugs look the same if you stand them all on their heads. (I should have been able to work asshat in here. Another failure for public education.)

But, to the point of this pitiful exercise in techno-stupidity, I did steal this cartoon from the ABL (hey, she can steal it back anytime). Far too many morons have dsl and a keyboard.

Now, wasn't that worth the bullshit you had to read?

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