Wednesday, November 5, 2014

What a Shitty Day

America has taken a giant leap backward. How can that happen?

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Friday, October 24, 2014

Paul Krugman Is Not Shrill

He Is A Hero To the  Working Class

Plutocrats Against Democracy

It’s always good when leaders tell the truth, especially if that wasn't their intention...So what’s a plutocrat to do?
One answer is propaganda: tell voters, often and loudly, that taxing the rich and helping the poor will cause economic disaster, while cutting taxes on “job creators” will create prosperity for all. There’s a reason conservative faith in the magic of tax cuts persists no matter how many times such prophecies fail (as is happening right now in Kansas): There’s a lavishly funded industry of think tanks and media organizations dedicated to promoting and preserving that faith.
Another answer, with a long tradition in the United States, is to make the most of racial and ethnic divisions — government aid just goes to Those People, don’t you know. And besides, liberals are snooty elitists who hate America.
A third answer is to make sure government programs fail, or never come into existence, so that voters never learn that things could be different...The obvious answer... Don’t let the bottom half, or maybe even the bottom 90 percent, vote.
And now you understand why there’s so much furor on the right over the alleged but actually almost nonexistent problem of voter fraud, and so much support for voter ID laws that make it hard for the poor and even the working class to cast ballots. American politicians don’t dare say outright that only the wealthy should have political rights — at least not yet. But if you follow the currents of thought now prevalent on the political right to their logical conclusion, that’s where you end up.
The truth is that a lot of what’s going on in American politics is, at root, a fight between democracy and plutocracy. And it’s by no means clear which side will win.

Yes, we are still living in the 18th century ...bleeding the patient to death.

Ezra Hits It Out of the Park

Yup. It's time to fire up the Lizzy band. Hillary pales beside Ms. Warren.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

I Just Have To...

Say something nice about Matt Yglesias.

He has become a more influential and extremely productive voice in our information sphere since commencing collaboration with Ezra Klein. Vox has become the go to sight for many folks. Matt has always held controversial positions, but he seems to frame them better, nowadays. I'm going to give him enough rope to hang the right people.

Where's the Money?

"I’m [JB] working on a longer-term wage project and made the figure below as part of it.  It’s from a principle components analysis of five different and pretty diverse, compensation/wage series:
Employment Cost Index: Hourly Compensation
Employment Cost Index: Hourly Wages
Productivity Series: Hourly Compensation
Median Weekly Earnings, Full-time Workers
Average Hourly Earnings, Production, Non-Supervisory Workers
The plot shows the first principal component of the five series–a technique to summarize a bunch of related data series in a way that pulls out their common signal..."

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Bye Goerge! When Will He Go?

Tell The Washington Post: Fire George Will

UPDATE: The Washington Post just doubled down on rape culture. After a barrage of criticism over George Will's weekend column, the newspaper published an article titled "One way to end violence against women? Stop taking lovers and get married." The Washington Post has to stop. That starts with firing George Will.  ----

The Washington Post actually just published an opinion piece mocking sexual assault survivors and saying that women want to be raped.
The author, conservative columnist George Will, goes so far as to write that colleges are making "victimhood a coveted status" by taking public steps to curb sexual assaults on campus.
He even implies that non-consensual sex is not rape, when in fact it's the very definition of rape!
George Will makes his living writing columns that many people disagree with. But his latest column has gone too far. Rape is a serious crime--accusing women of making it up and arguing schools shouldn't be addressing sexual assault puts both women and men at risk. By publishing George Will's piece, The Washington Post is amplifying some of the most insidious lies that perpetuate rape culture. It's not just wrong--it's dangerous.

Tell The Washington Post:
"Rape is real. No one wants to be a victim. Fire George Will."

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