Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Thievery, Plain and Simple

Bryan Fischer at Rightly Concerned, "A Project of the American Family Association", shares his fast food opinions with us:

One human being is worth more than an infinite number of grizzly bears. Another way to put it is that there is no number of live grizzlies worth one dead human being. If it’s a choice between grizzlies and humans, the grizzlies have to go. And it’s time...

"A grizzly is a top-level carnivore; at times he will act like one," said Chuck Neal, author of "Grizzlies in the Mist," who lost a botanist friend to a grizzly attack this year. "People are a readily available source of high-quality protein. We eat too much and exercise too little. We're like a hot dog on two legs."
Yep, the problem is those pesky couch potato homo sapiens who just need to get in better shape. So they, what, can outrun a bear?...

Ms. Cart continues her angst-ridden piece by making a statement that is ludicrous on its face:
"With more bears and more people stuffed into the 22,000 square miles of bear habitat, something has to give, and no one here has a simple answer.”
Of course there is a simple answer: shoot these man-eaters on sight...

God makes it clear in Scripture that deaths of people and livestock at the hands of savage beasts is a sign that the land is under a curse. The tragic thing here is that we are bringing this curse upon ourselves.
 Fischer is stunningly stupid and inhumane, but the comments were a hoot. I am re-posting some of the "I almost pissed myself" comments. They were anon so they shall remain, though I wish I could take credit for a few of them. (This would be the theivin' part since I can't attribute these gems.)

11/10/2010 4:17:23 AM
In 2008 there were exactly zero fatal grizzly bear attacks in the US, while 28 people were killed by dogs. Can we expect you to advocate shooting all dogs on sight?
11/10/2010 1:14:36 AM
"This article certainly does point out just one of the many curses we very sadly are bringing on - full speed." You fools are inviting the bear curse. BEAR CURSE.
11/10/2010 12:39:23 AM
Thanks for opening my eyes to this epidemic of bear! I have heard that people are paying money to attend Bear vs. Dolphin fights and this is clearly our Awesome Lord's punishment for such heathenry! (sic)

11/9/2010 11:54:10 PM
This Bryan Fishhead guy is an idiot.If you want to stay all safe and comfy maybe you should stick to the petting zoo and stay out of national parks, where one of the main draws is the WILDlife.A curse indeed.The wingnut doofus curse.

1/9/2010 9:59:11 PM
I support the right to arm bears.

11/9/2010 9:42:43 PM
The #1 threat in today's threatdown: BEARS! Smoking kills millions of people a year. Therefore, tobacco plants need to be shot on sight. It's just common sense. Also, it is correct that shooting grizzly bears is scripturally mandated. Deuteronomy 34:1 reads: And Moses went up from the plains of Moab unto the mountain of Nebo. And there he saw three bears, grumbling about the theft of their porridge. And Moses unslung his Winchester Model 94, and shot the bears. And the Lord said unto him "Good shooting."

11/9/2010 3:31:38 PM
Christians pose a far greater threat to the survival of our planet than bears.

11/9/2010 3:07:11 PM
At least the bears aren't gay.

11/9/2010 2:26:40 PM
Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the new dark ages.

11/9/2010 2:13:02 PM
It's cute because you think that you're using your brain.

11/9/2010 1:16:33 PM
Did you mean to post this on The Onion?
11/9/2010 12:24:43 PM

11/9/2010 10:29:02 AM
Bryan, you crazy piece of right-wing bat-shite... If only a Grizzly or Killer Whale would get a hold on you and eat you, you might actually do some good in the world. You really are the worst person in the world.

11/9/2010 10:07:36 AM
As usual Mr. Fischer you are right on. This article certainly does point out just one of the many curses we very sadly are bringing on - full speed. We absolutely have to pray diligently that our awesome GOD will continue to Bless America and that more and more will wake up.

Damn, I thought it was the beer curse.  Drunk Old eyes.

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