Monday, September 20, 2010

DADT or Why the Fuck You Wanna Know?

I think we are approaching this "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" thing from the wrong perspective.
Rather than repeal it, we should extend it to cover straight people, too. Here are some examples where this policy would be extremely handy:

  • Should a friendly police officer inquire as to ones degree of inebriation, "DADT, ossifer."
  • Upon arriving home, after posting bail for aforementioned inebriation, and your wife inquiring about your paycheck, "DADT, but we're eating in."
  • When the preacher asks if you'll be attending the Revival on Saturday, your regular poker night, "DADT, but let the chips fall where they may, Padre."
  • When your buddies start asking about 'roids after your bowling average jumps 43 pins, "DADT, it's all in the wrist."
  • When your senator is asked how he/she will vote on DADT, (all together, now), "DADT".

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