Saturday, July 3, 2010

Phantom Headlines

Just some random possibilities:

* Jan Brewer Appointed Ambassador To Mexico
* Lebron James Comes Out...Of The Closet
* Tony Hayward Knighted...Sword Slips
* Former Pres. George Bush To Complete Studies at U of Phoenix Online
* Osama Surrenders to Rolling Stone Scribe, Matt Taibbi
* Church Endorses Gay Marriage, Priests To Remain Celibate
* Busted!! World Cup Huge Dope Conspiracy
* Beck-Pelosi Sex Scandal Probed By PETA
* Stimulus Dollars Printed In Watercolor
* Boehner-Jacko 2nd Cousins
* Oprah-Leno To Wed In Native Alaskan Ceremony
* Palin To Cater Winfrey-Leno Nuptials
* Rhambo To Become Putin's Chief of Staff
* Michael Steele To Become White Woman
* FDA OK's Increased Dietary Hydrocarbon Content
* BP Opens Seafood Chain - Cites Increased Supply Efficiencies
* NASA Admits Lunar Landing Hoax
* NOAA Admits Gulf Oil Hoax
* Tiger Admits Sex With Marilyn Monroe
* Marilyn Monroe Admits Sex With Tiger

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