Monday, July 26, 2010

Dear Barry, A Reply to Barry 'n Me


When we began this journey three years ago, you said there would be jobs for me and my buddies. We are still waiting, but we're kind of old (50's). Could you see if someone could pick up the pace?

I really admire the way you have squared off against those entrenched special interests, like Van Jones, Shirley Sherrod and Elizabeth Warren. That will show the Republicans, Wall Street and corporate America who is the Boss.

They have stacked the deck, and I'm shifting the odds? How?

I am very impressed that you can sign your name Barry, but what happened to the 15% cap on credit card interest? Backbone problem?

I can tell you Barry, I'm not feeling all that historically significant. Maybe you could legalize marijuana or those Latino brothers and sisters we have been exploiting. That would be historic.

$5? Reread the first paragraph, please.

I'm all about eliminating fine print, with my old eyes.

I guess if you create some new agencies, you might have to cut back on the bailouts. Can't have everything, right?

Private sector job growth? That's a stretch, Barry.

Enough with the foundation references. What am I, a mason?

I like that victory and ending the fight thing. Could we try it in Afghanistan?

The hostage and politics thing is kind of confusing. I'm supposed to support your politics and accept a shitty health bill and an irrelevant financial regulation bill? Well, you the prez.

All in all, I'm going to stand with you, Barry. But you can forget the fucking $5, buddy.

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