Thursday, June 12, 2014

Bye Goerge! When Will He Go?

Tell The Washington Post: Fire George Will

UPDATE: The Washington Post just doubled down on rape culture. After a barrage of criticism over George Will's weekend column, the newspaper published an article titled "One way to end violence against women? Stop taking lovers and get married." The Washington Post has to stop. That starts with firing George Will.  ----

The Washington Post actually just published an opinion piece mocking sexual assault survivors and saying that women want to be raped.
The author, conservative columnist George Will, goes so far as to write that colleges are making "victimhood a coveted status" by taking public steps to curb sexual assaults on campus.
He even implies that non-consensual sex is not rape, when in fact it's the very definition of rape!
George Will makes his living writing columns that many people disagree with. But his latest column has gone too far. Rape is a serious crime--accusing women of making it up and arguing schools shouldn't be addressing sexual assault puts both women and men at risk. By publishing George Will's piece, The Washington Post is amplifying some of the most insidious lies that perpetuate rape culture. It's not just wrong--it's dangerous.

Tell The Washington Post:
"Rape is real. No one wants to be a victim. Fire George Will."

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  1. Not sure he was advocating rape. But with promiscuity and a lot of drinking, comes a higher risk factor. Politically popular to say this? No. True? Yes. I am not saying it is a kids fault getting hit by a car driven by an adult. But the risk sure goes up when the kid is playing in the road. Bottom line, we live in an imperfect and evil world. While it is not the rape victims fault per se, there are common sense ways to mitigate the risk from those undeterred by the law.

  2. Utter bullshit! You probably support the Wall Street banks who blame the victims for the Great Recession.