Wednesday, April 2, 2014

A New Low For the 1%

This article from CNN is difficult to read and even more difficult to comprehend, unless we believe in Paul Krugman and  his view that the GOP is a failing institution. How much deference can wealth really buy? We have become a pitiful nation when we don't, at the very least, put on a show of justice.

Is This the Face of America?

March 31 (UPI) -- The probationary sentence a Delaware judge gave a DuPont heir in 2009 for raping his young daughter [3 years old] has become an issue because his ex-wife has sued him. 
Robert H. Richards IV was sentenced to eight years after pleading guilty to fourth-degree rape. But Superior Court Judge Jan Jurden suspended the custodial sentence."Defendant will not fare well in Level 5 setting," Jurden wrote in her sentencing report, using the state's legal term for prison.
We may view the rich as models, but this type of behavior and outcome is becoming more common and is probably attributable to wealth rather than the possibility of rehabilitation. "A rich boy goes to college, a poor boy goes to war."

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