Thursday, February 6, 2014

No Go Joe - today

Vice President Joe Biden Not High On Marijuana Legalization

In an exclusive interview with TIME, the Vice President also defends his record on criminal justice reform

The Obama Administration is not pushing marijuana legalization on the federal level, Vice President Joe Biden said Thursday in an exclusive interview with TIME.Just weeks after President Barack Obama told the New Yorker that the drug is no more dangerous than alcohol, Biden said the administration supports smarter enforcement, but not outright legalization. “I think the idea of focusing significant resources on interdicting or convicting people for smoking marijuana is a waste of our resources,” Biden told TIME in an interview aboard an Amtrak train on the way to an event in Philadelphia. “That’s different than [legalization.] Our policy for our administration is still not legalization, and that is [and] continues to be our policy.”

Weak. They must think heads don't vote. They are probably right. Legalization seems to have a lack of constituent power on a federal level. I can't imagine why. 

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