Friday, June 18, 2010

20 Billion Just Sounds Big

20 billion over 4 years divided amongst how many people?

The coastal population of the five states of the Gulf of Mexico is projected by the Census Bureau to increase from a total of 44.2 million in 1995 to an estimated 61.4 million in 2025, nearly a 40% increase. Texas and Florida are the most rapidly growing states.

According to BLS statistics for May 2010, %65 of the population participated in the civilian labor force. 44,200,000 x .65=28,730,000. Just a little more math: 5,000,000,000/44,2000,000= $ 174.03 per person per year. If only %10 of the work force is impacted, this amounts to a whopping $ 1740.30 per person per year. Tony Hayward and Small People Svanberg are celebrating their risk abatement policies.

Every month Tony Hayward retains his job he is compensated almost $ 390,000.00.

Every month Carl Svanberg retains his job he is compensated almost $ 221,032.00.

20 billion dollars is not going to be the final tally. Who thinks BP will survive this fiasco and pay that bill?

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