Sunday, April 18, 2010

Gail (Where's my Prozac?) Collins Unhinged

Ms. Collins latest column headline is absolutely riveting in its total irrelevance.

Let’s Just Indict the Deficit

The text of this op/ed concerns the supposedly monumental political incompetence of various states attorney generals. I'm not sure what the title concerns.
"There is something about attorneys general that makes everybody want to nominate them for higher office, even though it almost always ends badly".
Collins saves her most devastating opprobrium for California and Jerry Brown. This is done with such pedestrian literary effort as to make me wonder why the fuck bother or was her editor tea-bagging her?

"And in California, the state that is in the very worst shape of all, the Democrats seem to be prepared to nominate Attorney General Jerry Brown for governor. Brown has already been governor (for eight years), as well as secretary of the state, mayor of Oakland, failed presidential candidate and dater of Linda Ronstadt. I’m not sure we can apply him to any pattern."
Gail Collins has the political insight of a moon rock and the literary talent of a cockroach.

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