Thursday, March 11, 2010


I seem to be suffering from my annual corporeal (it's been winter too long) shutdown. This could be just bullshit, too. I may be suffering the same malady as most of my fellow denizens of the political putridity that is America today. TMI. I don't ask politicians how to wire a three way switch or weld a loader bucket. Please don't ask me how to fix healthcare, Haiti, wall Street,Toyotas or China. Just do it. That is what the fuck you were hired for. I long for the days of Dan Rather in body armor. John Wayne. LSD. That Carter feller. (Yes, Billy Carter...from Georgia, son). Instead we have Limbaugh, Beck, Krugman and Dowd. Steel cage shit there. We have Mike Lupica whining in Americas favorite supermarket daily. WaPo's circulation has evidently turned negative outside the beltway, the "Krauthammer (aka Bunning) Effect". Bill Gates has taken a back seat to a Mexican drug lawd. John Prine said it best. As my buddy, Carl Clanton, says: "Can't we all just get along?". I don't need to know everything, just when is dinner?

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